Dialogue, Cooperation and a Declaration – «The Role of Universities in Peace-Building»

Last updated: 31.03.2014 // Last week, the Norwegian Helsinki Committee organized a regional conference related to the project “the Role of Universities in Peace-Building”. Professors, students and staff from universities in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, and Kosovo took part in the conference, which took place in Hotel Sarajevo on the 20th of March. The objective of the conference was to share views, and adopt a declaration, on how universities and the civil society sector can contribute to peace-building.

Norway supports a range of projects in the field of peace-building, among them the regional project – “The Role of Universities in Peace-Building”. The project has been on-going since 2010, and this conference was a follow-up to the one held last year in Tuzla.

This year’s conference aimed to serve as an arena for the exchange of information and opinions on the role of universities in peace-building. The conference also focused on the relationship between universities and the civil society sector. However, the main goal of the conference was to adopt a declaration to serve as a basis for developing recommendations on what role universities, and the civil society sector, should play in peace-building.

In her opening remarks, Deputy Head of Mission Ms. Mariam Naqvi highlighted the importance of prioritizing dialogue as an instrument in conflict resolution, and underlined how essential it is to focus both on domestic and regional cooperation, in today’s globalized world. She also praised the students and young people in the region, for their patience, and will to make a difference.

To read more about the conference – please follow the link: http://www.nhc.no/no/nyheter/Role+of+universitites+in+peacebuilding.b7C_wljW09.ips 

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